“Big Tom”

Late Night pizza at your finger tips

Nestled in-between G-Spot Hair Salon and People 360 on Ingersoll, is a small pizza joint called Big Tomato Pizza; “Big Tom” for short.

Despite the neon sign that’s says “Lousy Service,” hanging on their window, this small business offers anything but. The cashier hands you a menu filled with choices of pizza such as a taco, Cajun shrimp, bacon cheeseburger, BBQ, the list goes on. However, the most ordered by far is their Honey Garlic pizza.

The honey Garlic pizza (which can be ordered by the slice or by the pie) is brought out to you dripping with honey but as soon as you bit down into it, your nostrils fill with the sweet smell of garlic and honey combined.

I promise it tastes better than my description.

While there is not enough space to stay and eat your pizza (there are only 6 stools and usually a long line of customers), there is also another option. “Big Tom” delivers “Almost anywhere” (according to their website) until 3 a.m. so if you are every feeling pizza after a night out, feel free to call them up if walking or driving to the location is a no go.

Prices range from $13 for a 12-inch pie to $17 for a 16-inch pie, with slices around $3.

If you don’t believe my word on it, “Big Tom” was voted best delivered pizza in Des Moines by CityView 5 years in a row and earned 5 stars by the Des Moines Register. So, if there was any doubt in you to visit before, now you have no excuse.


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