Paleteria La Michoacana

Mexican street food in Des Moines

In a small building on the corner of Grand Ave and 16th St, is an ice cream parlor that also doubles as a restaurant. However, unlike other parlors, Paleteria La Michoacana specializes in Hispanic street food and ice cream.

The inside of the store is filled with beautiful bright colors with piñatas hanging from the ceiling and Latin music playing from the speakers.

Families sit at tables, children laughing and eating their elote, with their parents eating empanadas.

The ice cream is made from scratch on sight and features flavors such as Oreo and cream, Ferrero rocher, “tequila”, horchata, as well as the usual vanilla, chocolate, etc.

On a board above from the prepping counter, is the menu for the street food offered at La Michoacana. Foods such as your standard tacos, empanadas, enchiladas, carne aside fries, elote, tortas and flautas.

For a taste into the latin culture in Des Moines, head to this paleteria as the staff is not only kind but helpful is helping choose menu items that you might enjoy.

The prices are cheap and affordable, with a full on meal costing less than $10 and ice cream around $5.

Paleteria La Michoacana is a fun and great tasting restaurant that will bring you into the Latino neighborhood of Des Moines.


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